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Yang is the Robotics Competition team advisor, Programming instructor, and Digital Media instructor. His background as a programmer, designer, engineer, etc. will help students learn knowledge and professional knowledge. He advocated letting students learn through the topic they were interested in. Exercise the comprehensive ability of students.

Robotic Team Award:

First Lego League Challenge(9-14 Years Old):

2019-2020 LongIsland FLL Robot Design Award

2020-2021 LongIsland FLL Robot Performance 1st Place

2020-2021 LongIsland FLL Engineering Excellence Award

2020-2021 New York State Championship Robot Design Finalist 

2021-2022 New York State FLL Championship Robot Performance Award

Team #50946  1st Place

Team #54838 2nd Place

Team #53744 3rd Place

2021-2022 New York State FLL Championship Champion Award

Team #53744 3rd Place

Team #50946 4th Place

2021-2022 United State FLL Robot Game Record 660 points

First Lego League Explore (5-8 Years Old):

2019-2020 New York State  Discover and Program Award

2020-2021 New York State  The Coding Award 

2020-2021New York State  The Team Poster Award

2021-2022 represent New York State in FLL World Championship

2021-2022 Global Innovation Award

2021-2022 New York State Coding Award

2021-2022 New York State Core Value Award

2021-2022 New York State Best Performance Award

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