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The New Energy Education after-school program mainly serves students in grades one through five. Unlike traditional after-school programs, besides homework assistance, we also arrange one or two enrichment courses for students daily, including martial arts, English reading and writing, Lego robotics, Chinese, and so on. To cultivate our students into happy, healthy, confident, and creative individuals through sharpening their academic skills and enriching them with the wisdom and practice of STEM, Chinese language, sports, and way of life.



Syosset District School Pickup

Robbins Lane, South Grove

Village Elementary school,

Berry Hill School

Enrichment Class

English,  Math, Robotics, Coding,

 Chinese Class

Homework Tutoring

We provide assistance with homework and school assignments, as well as the teaching and advancement of literacy and study skills.

Martial Arts &Activities

Learn Martial Arts skills to be more healthy and wellness 

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