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Colorful Lights


Age 5-12


Programming is the ability that every student needs in the future. Scratch is a powerful programming tool designed and developed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for teenagers and children. It is a brand-new programming language, and children can learn programming logic and skills by making interesting games, animations, stories, etc. Our courses are simple to get started, and all children with zero foundation can get started quickly. The rich cartoon characters and the sense of accomplishment in making games make children fall in love with programming quickly.

In this course, you will:

- Scratch learning can cultivate children's logical thinking ability, learning coordinate movement, cycle, rotate, change color, etc., it is the basis of good content programming.

- Scratch help stimulates creativity in the creation process, they learn enthusiasm, imagination, and creativity will get a great workout.

- Scratch can improve learning initiative. In the creative process, the children not only learn Science ( Science ), Technology ( Technology ), Engineering ( engineering ), Arts ( Art ), Maths ( mathematics ) knowledge in many fields, etc. but also enjoy the fun and get A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.


Pong Game

Maze Game

Magic Wand

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