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Abstract Background


Age Group: ALL


Shuang Chinese textbooks are designed especially for overseas students and are suitable for children and teenagers mastering basic Chinese.  The editors are Ms. Wang Shuangshuang from California and several Chinese experts and scholars and the books are compiled on the basis of eight-year overseas teaching experiences. The texts cover an extensive knowledge horizon, including basic Chinese knowledge of pinyin, Chinese words, sentence patterns, and passages, and systematic knowledge of Chinese culture, geography, history, and philosophy. And the texts are interesting to learn and compiled on a step-by-step basis.

In this course you will:

Study Chinese characters and Chinese culture simultaneously, so that students can speak Chinese and have a good understanding of Chinese culture. Interest in learning Chinese has greatly increased. Students not only systematically understand the geography and history of China, improve their Chinese proficiency and critical thinking ability, but also appreciate the subtleties of Chinese culture. It broadens students' horizons and makes them know more about China. It is also beneficial to student's physical and mental development.

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