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Abstract Futuristic Background


Age Group: G3-G6


Math Kangaroo USA is a national nonprofit organization with a mission of helping students love math. For 25 years, Math Kangaroo has organized an annual international mathematical competition for thousands of students in grades 1-12. Math Kangaroo's focus is on improving students' math scores and teaching them new strategies for solving word and logic problems, helping them with critical thinking, and gaining confidence in the classroom

In this course you will:

  • Care: Encourage students to master their mathematical knowledge.

  • Performance: Give them confidence in their ability for comprehending mathematics.

  • Creativity: Help them understand how mathematics applies to nature's laws and human activities.

  • Excellence: Develop their ability to derive pleasure and satisfaction through an intellectual life.

  • Discovery: Show that mathematical education is significant in every part of the world.

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