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Colorful Lights


Age 5-10​


Many people think that they don’t need to learn general computer knowledge, but it is not always the case. In teaching, we found that many children have no understanding of the basic knowledge and operation of many computers. General Computer Science courses from the shallower to the deeper learn the origin of the computer, and the operating system, analyze and explain the hardware, software, keyboard layout, typing, sending and receiving emails, creating and copying files, keyboard shortcuts, solving difficult computer problems, how to search, and searching for pictures, search music, etc., GOOGLE family bucket system applications (search, maps, mail, Drive, create schedules, translation, how comparison shopping, Google DOC, Google Sheet, Google Slide, Google Form, etc.).

In this course, you will:

Thoroughly understand all the basic knowledge of computers through this course, become a leader in computer knowledge among peers, and lay a solid foundation for future computer learning.

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