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Age 6-10


The FLL Jr. competition is organized by the Lego League for K-3 students around the world. Every year, the Lego League will create a new theme for the season that teams will compete. Students will work together, build a model for the theme, explore questions about the theme, use the Wedo machine to test solutions for the theme, present their model, as well as engage in teamwork when competing and finding a solution.

In this course, you will:

- practice leadership, teamwork cooperation, and research skills

- improve creativity, problem-solving, and programming skills

- practice expression skills and the ability to adapt to different situations



2019-2020 Discover and Program Award

2020-2021 The Coding Award 

2020-2021 The Team Poster Award

2021-2022 The Only team Representing New York State in FLL World Championship

2021-2022 Global Innovation Award

2021-2022 Coding Award

2021-2022 Core Value Award

2021-2022 Best Performance Award

2022-2023 FLL Explore poster design award

2022-2023 FLL Explore team model award

2022-2023 The Only team Representing New York State in FLL World Championship

2022-2023 Global Team Model Award

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