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Age 9-14


The Lego League organizes the FLL Challenge for 9–16-year-old students to compete in global robotics competitions. Every year, talented teams from over 130 countries engage in an intense competition to become the winner. This competition covers the multiple concepts of STEAM. Team members engage in engineering games, conduct innovative research and create scientific projects, design the robot's structure, cooperate with other members, and present the global impacts of their discoveries.

While creating innovative research projects, every team member will treat their research as a defense of scientific knowledge. At the same time, designing an excellent team robot and implementing complex code will allow the robot to do great in the competition. Team cooperation, leadership, and decision-making skills will be crucial in this competition. This is an intense competition, and only talented teams have a chance of advancing to the state level and receiving awards.

In this course, you will:

- practice leadership, team cooperation, and presentation skills

- program robots to complete competition goals, give presentations about the complex robot design and have a program analysis

- conduct scientific research, interview experts about the topic, and present to the public

- grow and develop during the competition season



2019-2020 Robot Design Award

2020-2021 Robot Performance 1st Place

2020-2021 Engineering Excellence Award

2020-2021 Robot Design Finalist

2021-2022 Robot Performance Award of New York State

#50946 Overpowered Spicy Robot 1st Place

#54838 Overpowered Chicken Nugget 2nd Place

#53744 Imagination in a Nutshell 3rd Place

2021-2022 Champion’s Award of New York State

#53744 Imagination in a Nutshell 3rd Place

#50946 Overpowered Spicy Robot 4th Place

2021-2022 Robot Game United State Record