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Kaggle AI


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Competition Course is a foundational program that will help you understand the capabilities, challenges, and consequences of machine learning, and deep learning and prepare you to participate in the Kaggle Competition. It provides a broad introduction to modern machine learning, including supervised learning (multiple linear regression, logistic regression, neural networks, decision trees, XGBoost, LightGBM, CatBoost, Convolutional Neural Networks, LSTMs, GRU, Transformers, BERT), unsupervised learning (clustering, dimensionality reduction), and learn how to make them better. Get ready to master theoretical concepts and their industry applications using Python and Pytorch and tackle real-world cases such as Traffic Sign Recognition, Human Protein Atlas Image Classification, COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Degradation Prediction, and more. AI is transforming many industries. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Competition Course provides a pathway for you to take the definitive step in Kaggle Competition.


Having a good GPA and SAT is not enough to apply to a top-ranked university. Project and research experience plays a vital role as well as personal honors. As the world's top data science and machine learning algorithm competition platform under Google LLC., Kaggle is sought after by practitioners in computer science, data science, statistics, economics, electronics, automation, and mathematics all over the world. A good score on this platform will be highly recognized for both university applications and future job hunting. "The development of Artificial Intelligence requires “Democratizing AI” as long as more data and models. This is why we attach great importance to Kaggle," said Fei-Fei Li, Google Cloud Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence chief scientist and professor in the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. Therefore, to provide more quality and convenient background improvement services for numerous students, we offer AI competition courses to ensure your medal ranking, add credits to your resume, and help you apply for top-ranked universities

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