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Colorful Lights


Age 7-12


Scratch Advanced in Scratch on the basis of advanced courses requires separate Scratch-making games-based programming capabilities. The course will introduce more advanced coding concepts in Scratch, such as functions and sequence, and AI robot programming in games. With Scratch's support for more applications (camera human-computer interaction, Makey universal remote control, Micro: Bit mini programming tablet, Lego EV3 robot, Lego Wedo2.0 robot, force detector, etc.). Scratch programming has become particularly important and special. Learning Scratch programming not only exercises the logical thinking ability of programming but also plays a vital role in all future STEAM courses.

In this course, you will:

Learn high-level Scratch programming knowledge, make game NPCs with AI , use algorithmic operator programming, deeply understand the production process and ideas of real games, and have the ability to solve problems encountered in programming.


Food from above

Tower Defence

FNF Game

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