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Colorful Lights


Age 6-10


Dash is Wonder Workshop's launch of programming a robot, it received a high evaluation from education experts, and has also been critical of Apple's fancy invite settled in Apple stores. Dash has its own ”personality ", its cute appearance and anthropomorphic design will interest you soon. It is like an advanced robot pet. It only needs simple operations to communicate and interact with people. At the same time, it has many possibilities, not only through programming to allow the robot to complete complex actions, such as seeing a wall—the time to stop turning, or steering a voice of a party to and so on. Or transform into a robot driver and operate your little robot to participate in a basketball game or engineering competition.

In this course, you will:

- learn how to use interactive programming robots, such as how to ski or play with a lightweight electronic pet.

- The IPAD or Mobile joysticks, steering robot sports.

- Programming will be gradual themes of learning, from simple to difficult. Children will learn to program while happily interacting with robots and experience a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, it will exercise the children's teamwork ability.

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